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State of Play EULIS

Mr Rik Wouters, Kadaster, P.O. Box 9046, 7300 GH Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

EULIS aims to be the hub of land registration information in Europe. The website http://www.eulis.eu provides citizens and professionals alike with information on different country’s land registry organisations, their contact details and helpful website links to find out further information. In addition the EULIS service offers unique access for licensed customers online and direct into European land and property registers. These two resources combined help to achieve EULIS' vision to be the first call for European land and property information.

In 2009 EULIS was recognised and supported by the European Council, e-Justice Working Party and European Commission (DG Justice) The European e-Justice Portal contains a link to EULIS as the solution for accessing land registers https://e-justice.europa.eu/home.do 

As per September EULIS extends it services considerably. Various levels of information supply and exchange are possible. Also citizens can make use of the serves. In principle a 52 European countries will be linked to the EULIS-platform.

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