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SDI Days
2nd Regional INSPIRE Training, September 25-26, 2012
1st Regional INSPIRE Forum and 4th Croatian NSDI and INSPIRE Day, September 27, 2012
8th Cartography and Geoinformation Conference, September 28, 2012

with international participation, in hotel International in Zagreb, September 25-29, 2012


Danko Markovinović PhD,
SGA Director

Spatial Data Infrastructure Days (SDI Days) is one of the Croatian State Geodetic Administration (SGA) activities on the path to European Union (EU) next year. Implementation of the INSPIRE Directive in national legislative is one of the priorities to adopt the EU regulative in the field of spatial information. SDI has been a rapidly expanding in the field of the development of information society and the knowledge economy. SDI Days is including several events including international, regional and national institutions and organizations.

It is honor and pleasure to host you in Zagreb, and thank you for participating in SDI Days.



Organization of SDI Days is including several events reflecting development of SDI on the regional and national level. SDI Days is including as the main events 2nd Regional INSPIRE Training, 1st Regional INSPIRATION forum and 4th Croatian NSDI and INSPIRE Day and 8th Cartography and Geoinformation Conference. There is also included several side events with intention to gather international, regional and national participants in the sphere of INSPIRE, spatial information and geoinformation.

Željko Hećimović PhD,
SDI Days, President of Organizational Board

Fritz Kroiss

Fritz Kroiss PhD,
Team Leader

As part of SDI Days in Zagreb the Second (of three) Regional INSPIRE Training takes place, organized as part of activities on the Project INSPIRATION as a two-day event, where representatives of the project beneficiaries throughout the region take part. It is followed by the central event - First (of two) Regional INSPIRE Forum that combines national and regional aspect of public awareness raising and INSPIRATION Project visibility.

Project INSPIRATION - Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Western Balkans, financed by EU, aims at promoting spatial data infrastructure (SDI) and coordinating its implementation with the requirements of the INSPIRE Directive of the European Union. The project duration is from January 1, 2012 toDecember 31, 2013, and the beneficiary countries are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Kosovo*.

*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/99 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.


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The Croatian Cartographic Society by participating in the organization of the SDI Days wants once again to contribute to the development of geoinformatics, cartography, geography and related fields. This time the emphasis is on spatial data infrastructure which will change understanding of character, importance and use of spatial data. Welcome to SDI Days in Zagreb in September, 2012! 

Prof. Miljenko Lapaine PhD, President of the Croatian Cartographic Society  

 Conference language: English, simultaneous translation available

Introduction ...
Almost 80% of the information that surrounds us has a spatial component which leads to the conclusion about the importance of the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). The commitment to becoming part of the European SDI imposes
a number of challenges. In that context, the organizers of the SDI Days wish to contribute to the development of geoinformatics, cartography, geography, geodesy, geology and related fields, with special emphasis on SDI.

So far, three NSDI and INSPIRE Days and Cartography and Geoinformation Conferences were organized in Varaždin, Opatija and Split. Motivated by the great interest at last year’s conferences and the need to promote knowledge on spatial information, the organizers would like to emphasize activities at the regional level this year, i.e. the area of the South Eastern Europe.

This year, as part of the project INSPIRATION – Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Western Balkans, the event includes the 1st regional INSPIRE forum and 2nd regional INSPIRE training. Project INSPIRATION is a regional project
funded by the European Union’s Multi‐Beneficiary Programme with a purpose to promote SDI and further coordinate its implementation in the seven South-Eastern Europe countries.

A wide range of topics on the SDI Days and distinguished keynote speakers guarantee interesting lectures and an up-to-date approach.