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Linking Land books and the Books of contracts - The role of geodesy

Brajković Marija, Istarski vodovod Buzet, Sveti Ivan 8, Buzet, Croatia

Topical and possibly burning state of mismatch in the nature of housing objects constructed in the 1980s (solidarity flats) in the Republic of Croatia with data entered in official registers (Land Registry, Cadastre). Because of the discrepancy it wasn’t possible to register the purchased apartments with tenancy right. Therefore, a book of contracts (KPU) was established. Such inconsistency entails a lack of complete confidence in the authenticity of data in the Land Registry. Regulations on linking land registers and books of contracts and enrollment of ownership of special part of the property (NN 60/2010), directors are obliged to initiate the necessary linking procedures within three years (end of 2012). In order to start the process of linking KPU and ZK, full consistency of recorded data on the constructed buildings on the building plot in official registers is required, and it is indispensable to create a comprehensive data analysis of cadastral particles on which the building is built. The analysis points to the need to adopt the "Executive Plan of connectivity" and act upon it, because the following is necessary: expertise (knowledge of several professions, law, geodesy, civil engineering,...), collaboration (managers, tenants, Municipal Court, Cadastre, Offices for Physical Planning) and systematicness (obtaining necessary documents), which affects the success of linking ZK and KPU. The result of linking is record of real estate and their parts in the Land Registry, as well as disposal of ownership rights over flats. As these data are the responsibility of the State Geodetic Administration and the Department of Justice and the surveying profession is qualified for analysis and is directly associated with the alignment of data registered in official registers (corresponding geodetic reports). In time in which there is a lack of jobs in all professions, geodesy could bridge the lack of work in the process of creating a complete trust in the Land Registry. In the process of linking land surveying profession and KPU, the geodetic profession can be fully satisfied with the quantity of impending engagement, both in the private sector and the State Geodetic Administration in terms improving data quality in the real estate cadastre.

Keywords: inconsistency, linking, analysis, geodesy

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