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Cartographic Representation and Analysis of Croatian Census Data From 2001

Darko Herceg, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, Kačićeva 26, Zagreb, Croatia

The main task of this study is to represent Croatian census data from year 2001 in cartographic form, i.e. interactive thematic maps, and on that basis to make various demographic, educational, financial and political analyses. Special consideration is given to the feasibility of current division on administrative units in the Republic of Croatia. Census is the most comprehensive source of data on population, households, families and dwellings, and these data are necessary for the implementation of various economic and social development policies and scientific research. That is why the census is selected as the basis for the representation on interactive maps. Thematic display and interactivity should allow simple and easier analysis of the collected and represented data and the relations between them. Interactive thematic maps which resulted from the study gives a good picture of various socio-economic variables, helps to detect extreme cases and even to find some correlations which are not obvious from the data itself. The maps created can serve public and professionals in order to help them realize past and current state and to plan the future. The census data from year 2011 were not published when this study was realized, but it should be easy to add them later regarding used technology. The URL of maps is

Keywords: interactive thematic maps, census, 2001, Croatia

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