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ZG Geoportal in use

Darko Šiško (1), Jadranka Veselić Bruvo (1), Sanja Batić (2), Ana Stručić (2), Vlado Cetl (3), (1) City of Zagreb, City office for strategic planning and development, Zagreb, Croatia, (2) APIS IT d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia, (3) University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, Kačićeva 26, Zagreb, Croatia

Since 2009 the City of Zagreb has been developing the project of Zagreb spatial data infrastructure (ZIPP) in compliance with European and national principles of managing spatial data. The project activities comprise different aspects of spatial data infrastructure – coordination, data sets, metadata, data sharing and network services. The basic network service of the ZIPP – ZG Geoportal - was presented in spring of 2012. ZG Geoportal succeeds the earlier webGIS solution, but it has been significantly modernized and brought into compliance with international standards so now it offers a range of new services and new data sets. Although ZG Geoportal is intended primarily for citizens, it can be of use to business and academic community as well as other users. Through ZG Geoportal citizens can get information about the space the live in – planned land use, public green spaces, locations for household waste disposal, locations of schools and kindergartens, landslides, cultural and natural monuments and so on. Some of the everyday situations where ZG Geoportal can be of use will be shown at the conference. Benefits for businesses consist of availability of information for planning and building purposes, conducting different studies, investment assessment and real estate sector. A significant opportunity for businesses is development of new added-value applications based on ZG Geoportal data. ZG Geoportal is in the initial stages of development and use. In time we expect new data sets, new user tools and total compliance with national and international norms and standards.

Keywords: local SDI, Zagreb, geoportal, usage

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