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INSPIRATION Project Beneficiary Presentations on the Current Status and Vision of their SDIs

Beneficiary organizations of the Project INSPIRATION - Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Western Balkans - Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia

Project INSPIRATION - Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Western Balkans sets the path towards favorable environment for increased availability of accurate, up-to date, high quality and reliable spatial information. Through its activities the project surveys and recognizes current status of SDI development in each beneficiary country and organization, but at the same time it marks the way and facilitates making steps towards reaching the objectives. The beneficiary organizations (BOs) are used to present the reports of activities and past achievements. To avoid repeating the same set of presentations to similar audience, the INSPIRATION beneficiary presentations are being prepared in which BOs state their SDI current status and vision by addressing the following set of questions: a) How would you in short describe the situation of SDI in your country? b) Where do you see your SDI in the three-year future? c) What are the missing ingredients in your country /entity/ (institutional setup, capacities, education, awareness, technical infrastructure, data, political support, clear visions / policies, change in attitude, or alike)? d) How do you plan to overcome the issues identified in the answer to previous question? e) How do you see the cooperation with other stakeholders in your country? f) How do you see the cooperation with the countries in the region? The questions make up a framework directed to the goals of the project itself. In that regard the answers contribute to the overall project objectives.

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Keywords: INSPIRATION, beneficiaries, NSDI

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